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  Welcome to Dinsmore Litho

What's in our name? Dinsmore... be assured we take a full measure of pride in who we are. Lithographer, a person who works at lithography. We do printing by the lithographic process. The image is specially prepared with a plate in such a way that it is able to be inked on a printing press and then transferred onto paper. The method used is called "offset" printing. At present, Dinsmore's primary method has moved to the use of digital copying to fill an order.


We are a family owned/operated company who live and work in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Dinsmore Lithographer was established in 1968 by Ray W. Dinsmore, Sr. Now retired after 29 years, Mr. Dinsmore began teaching as the Printing and Graphic Arts Instructor for Jefferson County-DuBois Vocational Technical School in Reynoldsville. Dinsmore Litho has operated under management by Ray Dinsmore, Jr. in a full-time capacity since 1985. The Dinsmore family have been continuous residents of Punxsy for over one hundred fifty years. This longevity in the community has gained us enormous expertise and insight to small town life.


General commercial printing, duplicating and copying are what we do. Professional services offered are:

  • Black & White Copies
  • Color Copy Service
  • Print Consulting
  • Offset Printing
  • Finishing
  • which may include: collate, staple, etc.

See Us For...

  • Office forms
  • Invoice & Carbonless Forms
  • Fliers
  • Raffle Tickets
  • Price Lists & Coupons
  • Envelopes
  • Product Literature, Labels
  • Cards & Tags
  • Letterhead Stationery
  • Schedules, Bulletins
  • Promotions, Announcements

We Offer...

  • Copies
  • Lamination

Other Specialties...

  • Wedding Invitations, plus Send & Seal
  • Imprinted Promotion items


Our office is located in the East End of Punxsutawney. If arriving via US 119 note that Mahoning Street (East or West) is State Route 36 through town. Our community has only four traffic lights on Mahoning Street and you must pass over the Mahoning Creek bridge (i.e. to proceed on Route 36 South from the bridge traffic light) and travel down East Mahoning Street approximately 500 feet. We are near the Post Office, an identifiable sign reading Dinsmore Lithographer is over the doorway. Telephone if other neighborhood landmarks are needed.


Daily hours vary. The office usually opens weekdays 9 A.M. The business is open for walk-in customers, counter service, pick-up/drop-off. An appointment is not necessary, but may be scheduled. Closed Sat.-Sundays. Please telephone to verify afternoon hours.

  Why Buy Printing From Dinsmore's?

We offer very complete service for such a small location. We are proud to have references that will confirm this. Our knowledge and experience in printing jobs that satisfy customer needs are prime reasons for entrusting work to Dinsmore Lithographer. Your entire printing account can be handled by one hometown company who will make an extra effort to establish a long-lasting business exchange. Dinsmore's run a reliable printing service. We do offer full-color copies from our machine, as well as black and white copy. Some orders are finished by our selected vendors. We make extra effort to professionally and accurately produce a customer's specifications on the printing order. Once placed with us, your reorders are on file - and very welcome. If you are purchasing imprinted forms from a catalog we offer those, as well as, our custom form service. If your company could stand to benefit from a better association with the local printer, then allow us to demonstrate why purchasing from Dinsmore Litho is a good business decision. On your next printing order call Dinsmore's.

  How to Order

Dinsmore Lithographer has established a company capable of serving the copy & print needs of Punxsutawney and surrounding area. You don't need to know a lot about printing. We will help you!

Furnish clear content.

To aid the order writing process please note the following:

  1. Furnish a sample or rough design/layout.
  2. Quantity __________.
  3. Paper __________.
  4. Size __________.
  5. Black ink or color copy
  6. Does it copy exactly as it appears?
  7. Copy one sided or two?
  8. Additional furnished artwork
  9. Bindery or finishing
  10. Extra or special services?


A few "tips" are offered here but, as with any really good company, you're going to have to hire us to get the full treatment.

  1. Have a clear idea of what you are ordering. Write everything down and spell check. Explain what the finished piece will look like. There is no written guarantee placed on the order so if you make this unclear (or unprecise) when ordering, it will only add to the length of time needed to proof the order. And there may even be a mistake. We do make missteaks once in a while. "Rushing" an order may also increase the chance of an error.

  2. Different printed items will have different structures in their price. Some items have better pricing at certain quantities because of the way they are packaged. Others may have minimums. In printing, the most common quantity is "price per thousand." Dinsmore Lithograher is quite flexible on quantity.

  3. Paper choices begin with #20lb bond (which could represent "copier paper") and go up in #weight to the categories for index "card stock." Asking for "good bond paper" can still be a loaded question. By allowing us to assist your selection you may avoid having a job "special ordered" that could easily be filled by a more available brand. We are on your side controlling these costs.

  4. In sizing printed jobwork there are some common guidelines. The most economical copier cut-size sold is 8.5x11 inch. Another example, the business card, will be universally cut to 3.5"x2." Envelopes are sold in standard commercial sizes. You may want to consult with us on size before you begin to draft a proof copy.

  5. The term "camera-ready" means that the printer is going to shoot a picture (or copy) of what you have brought and be ready to run it exactly as it appears. If you use this term you will get back the image and size the same as you gave it. This type of order gives the customer the economic advantage of receiving a job with the lowest amount of labor cost added. However, having Dinsmore's do extra work may yield more professional looking results. This is a value added expense.

  6. Black ink is standard in copies and print. Color copies are extra cost and are normally within 5 % of the customer's original. The offset press in-house jobwork is limited. Some work may be sent out to fill a customers demand.

  7. Dinsmore Lithographer is limited with electronic files. Attachment of electronic files are accepted as .pdf format only. A sample image is what we will ask for to accurately view your job. Once again, we'll just have to consult and see what you've got.

  8. Dinsmore's can complete the job with bindery or finishing. We do 90% of our work, in-house. We have many contacts with specialty printers. Printing is a huge and diversified industry. As a small, general commercial printer we do our best not to turn neighbors away. Give us a try and see if we can fill your next printing order for you right here at Dinsmore Lithographer.

  Contact Us

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